Marine Transport and Services

Combining passengers' service at ports on a hand and bus network across Egyptian cities on the other hand, providing meet, assist and 'door-to-door' service for sea traveler. High Jet capitalizes its efforts and future expansions to the development of marine ports services and marine transportation for passengers and goods

Port Services

High Jet has established its own passengers' terminal at Safaga port to serve cruising lines and ferry services passengers. The terminal capacity is 4000 passenger/day. Air-conditioned, fully equipped with information desks, TV displays, bathrooms, restaurant and security systems required for traveler boarding

You are always welcome to visit our offices at Hurghada, Safaga and Sharm Elsheikh seaports providing a one-stop shop services for ferry ticketing, buses from ports to many cities across Egypt and other travel extras you wish to make

Marine Transport

Coming Soon.. Fly the sea with our speed ferry service from Hurghada to Sharm Elsheikh and Saudi Arabian ports and vise verse. Enjoy the amazing views of the Red Sea while sailing to your prefered destination. Visit Hurghada to Sharm ElSheikh ferry website http:

We are establishing new passengers ship liners in connecting Hurghada with Saudi Arabia seaports soon