About High Jet

Our state-of-the art bus fleet is connecting Cairo and the Nile Valley with the touristic destinations and marine ports on the Red Sea, the Sinai and the Mediterranean. Our Vision is to develop the quality and efficiency of public transport across Egypt, bridge the gabs, High Jet is committed to serve the interests of its stakeholders, offers the communities we service with high quality services, maintain creative teamwork environment for our employees, and justify continuing investments of superior efficiency to benefit both society and environment

Our strategy is to build operations into market leaders in every domestic and international route operated, each with the support of our extensive knowledge of the region and the Establishment of a long-standing relationship with customers through a balance of travel service activities, investment in fleet modernization and routes' development aiming to sustained economic and social growth

Passenger Buses

Public transport makes a positive contribution to the environment. A bus only needs to be carrying 6 passengers to be more energy-efficient on a per passenger km basis than a single occupant car

Since 2004, High Jet provided the passenger transport service for over Three Million Passengers on different domestic routes. Today High Jet employs more than 300 experts in the field of overland and marine transportation; this includes best drivers, engineers, operations, reservations call center personnel, in addition to more than 18 branches and public station covering Egypt's main regions

As a market leader, In 2007, High Jet was the first cross Egypt public transport company to apply an automated booking system and a 24/7 call center for its customers. In 2009 we developed the integration system with passengers' ferry lines, ports and became connected with the Saudi Arabian travel market

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